Monday, 5 June 2017

Past Continuous

Click on the following video, to watch a tutorial about the Past Continuous tense (form and uses).

Watch a video about the uses of the past continuous.

Past Simple or Past Continuous?

A video about Elissa and her mysterious stalker

A magic book of magical creatures

Click on the link below to embark on a webquest about magical creatures.


Sunday, 30 April 2017

Getting acquainted with the Irish Culture

During the Erasmus Programme-In Omnibus, Omnia Est, the students of the First and the Fifth Grade of the 3rd Primary School in Agii Anargyri, were involved in various activities with the view to getting acquainted to the Irish Culture. Enjoy our video!


Monday, 6 March 2017

Adjectives: an activity

Listen to the song, choose 5 adjectives and write sentences using the comparative or the superlative form.

The Z-Men! Comparatives and Superlatives

Watch the following video about the Z-Men and fill in the gaps with the correct adjective

Zack is __________________ than a lion. He is ___________________ man in the universe. (strong)
Bullet Boy is ______________ than a bullet. He is _________________ boy in the world.(fast)
Lava Girl is ___________________ than the sun. She is _________________ girl in our galaxy.(hot)
Xena's eyes are ________________ than any weapon. Her eyes are _______________ weapon ever.(deadly)

Fighting bad guys is ______________________ than going to school. (simple)
Dr. Bad Guy is_____________________ than anyone. He is ______________________ scientist on the planet. (dangerous)